Thursday, November 17, 2011

Illiminare Liquid Makeup

I LOVE makeup. And there is nothing I appreciate more than a full coverage foundation. I found this one at Ultra about a year before I left. 

The Illuminare liquid foundations come in 5 different colors and 3 different levels of coverage.


Ultimate All Day Foundation- A high coverage, matte formula for those with oily skin.
Extra Coverage Foundation- A high coverage formula which is supposed to be for "in between skin".
Fantastic Finish- A medium coverage, moisturizing formula for those with dry skin.

I clearly use the Extra Coverage Foundation (green). I actually have oily skin in my t-zone but I prefer this formula because the Ultimate (designated for oily) just seems to matte when I apply it. The Extra Coverage and Fantastic have more of a glow or natural sheen.

There are two bottles in the picture because I mix colors. I am a pretty perfect Fair, which is their 3rd darkest color but I am tanning so I mix a little Sun with it for now so I don't have to tan my face as much. That and my face doesn't tan as well as my body for whatever reason.

Have you tried Illuminare, do you have a skincare question, or would you like me to review a product?